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Mighteor Stories

Watch videos to hear from families who have been using Mighteor with their kids.

Mighteor Moments

What our Mighteor Families celebrate along the way!

  • "I actually saw him do a deep breath out of the game on his own too! He still got upset, but I saw that he tried to calm himself down by breathing.”

    - Katharine, mom of 8 year-old boy
  • “My son is doing real life translation and this is huge for us! Apparently it took controlling his heart rate through the games to go from resisting to incorporating new skills to regulate his emotions. This is what we have been missing. I couldn’t be happier our experience."

    - Katie, mom to 13-year old boy
  • "My son is a DIFFERENT kid! Before Mighteor he was crying daily out of emotional frustration. Now he cries rarely. He is managing his friendships better. The other day he was playing with a friend who got upset. He said ‘That’s okay we can play something else.'”

    - Mom to 7 year-old boy
  • “I loved the idea of having the heart rate be visual so that my daughter could SEE what was happening in her body when she was working to calm down. The idea of pairing this kind of technology is brilliant."

    - Melissa, mom of 6 year-old girl
  • “First, Mighteor is fun and he enjoys playing the games. Without that, nothing else matters. Giving him a concrete way to see his overexcitment and the need to get back into the cool zone offers good lessons and opens the door to have conversations about other times when he is feeling stressed and frustrated… in real life.”

    - Beth, mom to 7-year old boy
  • “I loved the combination of screen time (a positive for kids) with learning emotional control (a positive for all). I love that the Mighteor staff is really responsive to questions too. An amazing program!!”

    - Kelli, mom to 7-year old girl and 9-year old boy
  • "My daughter is willing to try taking deep breathing when becoming upset when suggested by me. She has tried breathing on her own when in the hot zone during the game. She has increased her willingness to talk about feelings when prompted/asked by my husband or me."

    - Annika, mom to 9-year old girl
  • "We just had a HUGE victory due to Mighteor! Homework has always been a big source of anxiety for Will. Last night he had a difficult math assignment usually results in tears and tantrums. But this time Will was able to work through his emotions by stopping himself, taking a few deep breaths and trying again - no tears, no tantrums. While this might sound like a minor success, it is a win worth celebrating for our family!"

    - Karen, mom to 12-year old boy
  • “There was one night where my son voluntarily used it to see where his HR was and to help him bring it down. He was over-stimulated and really hyper and he asked to use the tablet to help him figure out how to settle himself down.”

    - Tricia, parent of 10 year-old boy

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